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Our Mission

SanoBio Therapeutics is commercializing a novel peptide molecule for the treatment of diabetic ulcers. Our immediate focus is to conduct further animal trials before filing an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) with the Federal Food and Drug Administration. Our long-term vision is to provide a safe and effective therapy for wound healing worldwide.

Our Technology

Our unique peptide molecule initiates the body's natural signaling mechanism for tissue repair, activating a myriad of downstream pathways critical in the wound healing process. Initial in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated an acceleration in complete wound closure in diabetic models.
News Highlights

February 18, 2011: SanoBio won the Michigan Business Challenge Most Successful Undergraduate Team Award

November 29, 2010: SanoBio advanced to Semi-Finals of Accelerate Michigan

October 28, 2010: SanoBio won Second Place in the 2010 TiECon MidWest Business Plan Competition

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